The Ebay Home Business Startup Guide

5 Hours
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122 Lessons (5h)

  • Introduction
    Intro 0.1 Introduction To The Course3:03
    Intro 0.2 The Principles We Teach0:46
    Intro 0.3 Objectives0:25
    Intro 0.4 Honesty1:18
    Intro 0.5 Rewards2:11
  • Module 1 - Developing Niche Expertise
    Module 1.1 The Struggle1:07
    Module 1.2 Becoming The Expert0:39
    Module 1.3 Unmarked Items14:39
    Module 1.4 Knowledge Is In The Books6:33
    Module 1.5 Handling The Items2:56
    Module 1.6 Knowing More Than Everyone Else1:47
    Module 1.7 Spotting The Fakes3:22
    Module 1.8 Learning The Market Price3:18
    Module 1.9 Developing One Niche At A Time4:15
    Module 1.10 Taking A Punt2:52
    Module 1.11 Summary0:48
  • Module 2 - Places To Buy From
    Module 2.1 A Note On Provenance1:02
    Module 2.2 Auction Houses2:20
    Module 2.3 Auction Houses With Online Catalogues2:34
    Module 2.4 Auctions Online Ebay2:05
    Module 2.5 Car Boots Yard Sales1:33
    Module 2.6 Antiques Fairs1:19
    Module 2.7 Direct From The Public5:53
    Module 2.8 Other Dealers4:33
    Module 2.9 Negotiations1:58
    Module 2.10 Summary1:51
  • Module 3 - Preparing For The Auction
    Module 3.1 Creating An Auction Diary2:16
    Module 3.2 Creating An Auction List2:10
    Module 3.3 Pre Sale Visit2:11
    Module 3.4 Deciding Your Prices3:27
    Module 3.5 Job Lots3:00
    Module 3.6 In The Boxes3:00
    Module 3.7 Summary1:17
  • Module 4 - In The Auction Room
    Module 4.1 Psychology Of The Auction Room3:13
    Module 4.2 Learn The Room4:11
    Module 4.3 The Auctioneers The Boss5:08
    Module 4.4 The Dealers5:18
    Module 4.5 The Collectors1:05
    Module 4.6 Hiding Your Knowledge2:26
    Module 4.7 Commission Phone Bids1:58
    Module 4.8 Know When To Fight Another Day2:47
    Module 4.9 Practical Issues1:07
    Module 4.10 Summary1:51
  • Module 5 - Taking The Treasure Home
    Module 5.1 Packing Your Items1:48
    Module 5.2 Clean Up2:34
    Module 5.3 Surprises2:28
    Module 5.4 Stock Numbering2:40
    Module 5.5 Entering Into Stock2:58
    Module 5.6 Storage Of Stock1:42
    Module 5.7 Summary1:55
  • Module 6 - Niche Marketplaces
    Module 6.1 Figuring Out The Best Platforms1:27
    Module 6.2 Finding Your Clients2:38
    Module 6.3 Communicating Expertise1:11
    Module 6.4 Creating Community1:41
    Module 6.5 Places Not To Sell To0:32
    Module 6.6 Summary1:04
  • Module 7 - Selling Platforms
    Module 7.1 Selling On Your Own Website1:21
    Module 7.2 Choosing A Website Platform2:06
    Module 7.3 Using Third Party Platforms1:45
    Module 7.4 Third Party Platforms Examples0:42
    Module 7.5 Listing On Ebay3:36
    Module 7.5a Kick-Starting-Sales-On-Ebay2:50
    Module 7.6 Selling Direct To Collectors0:40
    Module 7.7 Selling At Fairs2:06
    Module 7.8 Selling In Antiques Centres1:55
    Module 7.9 Summary1:26
  • Module 8 - The Listing Process
    Module 8.1 Identify Your Item2:04
    Module 8.2 Listing Systems1:06
    Module 8.3 Listing Template Word Doc1:27
    Module 8.4 Writing The Description6:35
    Module 8.5 Postage Chart4:39
    Module 8.6 Estimate Postage Costs2:54
    Module 8.7 Photography Equipment6:10
    Module 8.8 Studio Area1:03
    Module 8.9 Camera Choice4:52
    Module 8.10 Camera Settings4:27
    Module 8.11 Photograph The Stock2:32
    Module 8.12 Upload To Platforms1:16
    Module 8.13 Duration Of Listings2:48
    Module 8.14 Summary1:49
  • Module 9 - Post Sale
    Module 9.1 Postage And Shipping4:11
    Module 9.2 Communication With Your Client5:58
    Module 9.3 Communication Tools2:31
    Module 9.4 Packing4:53
    Module 9.5 Advertising Material2:32
    Module 9.6 Postage Collections2:35
    Module 9.7 Follow Up Communications0:40
    Module 9.8 Updating Inventory And Accounts2:22
    Module 9.9 Summary1:53
  • Module 10 - Marketing
    Module 10.1 Creating Conversations1:21
    Module 10.2 Building Relationships1:03
    Module 10.3 Promoting Your Knowledge3:22
    Module 10.4 Sharing Socially1:30
    Module 10.5 SEO For Your Website4:35
    Module 10.6 Testimonials And Re-shares1:46
    Module 10.7 Advertising With Adwords1:15
    Module 10.8 Building A Mailing List4:18
    Module 10.9 Building A Community Of Collectors2:46
    Module 10.10 Summary1:16
  • Module 11 - Business Costs
    Module 11.1 Website2:25
    Module 11.2 Postage And Packing1:48
    Module 11.3 Advertisting0:28
    Module 11.4 Antique Fairs And Antique Centres1:48
    Module 11.5 Reference Material1:07
    Module 11.6 Listing Fee And Transaction Fees2:42
    Module 11.7 Tax And Vat4:44
    Module 11.8 Insurance1:31
    Module 11.9 Financing Your Stock1:24
    Module 11.10 Deciding Your Stock Levels1:53
    Module 11.11 Storage Costs1:56
    Module 11.12 Stock Clearance1:05
    Module 11.13 Photography Equipment0:23
    Module 11.14 Choosing An Accountant0:41
    Module 11.15 Summary1:45
  • Module 12 - Marketing Plan
    Module 12.1 Objectives Financial1:34
    Module 12.2 Objectives Marketing3:27
    Module 12.3 Content Calendars3:08
    Module 12.4 Social Engagement1:42
    Module 12.5 Review Your Marketing2:53
    Module 12.6 Summary0:49

Run Your Own Antiques & Collectibles Business Right From the Comfort of Your Home

Mark Timberlake

Mark runs a marketing company called SME Heroes, which specializes in training on all things to do with online course creation and online marketing. He has extensive experience with online business in various forms over the last 14 years and loves to share his hard one lessons and techniques for online business success.

In addition, he also has over 12 years experience in online retail and over 6 years experience as a commercial photographer. This means he has a deep breadth of experience which comes through in his courses which are always designed to be easy to understand and to pass on the practical skills he has learned.


Starting your own business right out of your home has never been easier. In this course, you'll learn how to make money in one of the internet's most defining industries: trading antiques and collectibles through eBay. It's more than just flipping items, and you'll discover just how much more in this comprehensive, 5-hour course.

  • Access 122 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Identify niche marketplaces & understand the psychology of the auction room
  • Create auction diaries & auction lists
  • Learn how to determine the best starting prices
  • Build the best, most engaging listings possible
  • Master SEO for your website
  • Cultivate a community of collectors & clients through mailing lists & building relationships


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Internet required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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